The following statements were reprinted from actual letters and notes addressed to me from clients… All original communications are on file and available for inspection.

“Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you have done with the rewrite of our 20-page advertisement. It is much more powerful now. In fact, from the test we recently ran with both versions against each other, we estimate your version brought in about 8 orders MORE for every 100 reports mailed. That’s $1,360 EXTRA profit for every 100 mailed out. Your ‘wording’ has great pulling power!”
-Tiran Zaken, The Zaken Co., Staten Island, N.Y.

“I’m thrilled with the sales letter and order form you prepared for my company. They look and sound just great! It’s truly exciting to watch a great wordsmith’s magic of adding super sizzling appeal to a product. Now I can see why you’re so highly regarded and sought after.”
– Tai L. Leong, Alhambra, CA

“You played an important role in getting my publicity releases printed in a major magazine. Your knowledge of the mail order business has helped me earn a profit.I believe I could not have made it without your expertise.”
– Eminio DeAngelis, Spencerport, N.Y.

“I really appreciate all the copywriting you have done for Cajun Country Candies over the years. As I told you before, it’s the main reason for our success.”
– Roy Babineaux, Owner & Operator, Cajun Country Candies

“Before I used the sales letter you wrote, I was only converting 5 to 6 percent of inquiries to orders. With your letter, I’m converting 15 to 20 percent of inquiries to orders.”
– Kenneth Samuel, Twins Publications, Jamaica, N.Y.

“Great Job! I’ve never read such a powerful sales letter — and so believable. Your sales letters have resulted in explosive growth for my business.”
– Dan Pursley, South Lake Tahoe, CA

“The revisions you did on my 900# script and sales letter are great! I am very excited and confident at now continuing with these projects. Thank you so much.”
– Lorna Ellsworth, Mission Hills, CA

“I really appreciated the press release you prepared for my company. I have been able to get the releases published – much to my delight.”
– Diana Gadd, Disability Consultants, Rosamond, CA

“I thought I had written a half way decent letter before I saw yours. Wow! There is no comparison. Yours sounds terrific.”
– Judy Thompson, Nacona, Texas

“I just received your ad on practical intelligence. It’s excellent. I don’t think I’ll add another word before having it printed. On second thought, I still think your brochure on the 12 lesson was the ULTIMATE from the angle of increasing sales.”
– Frank Tibolt, Glenside, PA

“I looked over the information about your services and must say that I am very impressed. I believe there is an art to copywriting and you have certainly mastered it. Anytime a customer requests help with copywriting for their advertisement, I will recommend your services to them.”
– Thomas A. McCrary, President, USA PRINTING & ADVERTISING, Orlando, Florida

“I would highly recommend your work to anyone. I read all my direct response mail you prepared and rate it among the best. A superb job.”
– Jacques Fiala, President, Global Resource, Inc. Copaigue, N.Y.

“I was extremely pleased and excited with your work! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t purchase the service after reading this powerful message. You took the difficult tasks of: positioning myself as an independent consultant and added credibility to what might sound too good to be true; and giving good reasons to act now and really make it all come together in a very powerful and believable message.”
– Don L., Higher Education Consultant Fairfield, Iowa

“I had a lot of success with the press release. I sent out 110 releases and 7 of them were printed. What a cheap, effective method of advertising! I will continue to use your services in the future.”
– Ray Calladine, Warminster, PA

“I received the telephone message script on Friday, 9/27. I am very, very pleased. It is a masterpiece.”
– Hallie Edmonds, San Francisco, CA

“I have seen several samples of your work that my clients have sent to us and I have been duly impressed. I greatly appreciate people like you who make such a wonderful service available at such a reasonable price.”
– Todd Snively, Equity Ventures, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

“Thank you very much for the sales letter and classified ad you prepared for me. They are both excellent! You are very nice, thorough and I definitely plan to use your services again.”
– Dave Hamilton, Rockford, Ill.

“I wish to take this opportunity to commend you for the professional treatment you gave to my material on biorhythms. I was very impressed by and completely satisfied with your work.”
– Cheryl Patricia White, Creative Concepts, LTD. Staten Island, N.Y.

“Thank you for the recent 1″ display ad. It was a tremendous success as I nearly doubled my response.”
– Stephen Leard, Baltimore, MD