Sales Letters

Essential for any mail order promotion. A sales letter is your personal on-on-one presentation to your prospect. It substitutes for you making it in person. It is the most crucial element of your direct mail package. A brochure mailed alone will not do an effective selling job – nor is it intended to. Its purpose is to impart information about your product or service. The job of the sales letter is to sell your product or service. Would you buy a product from a salesman if all they did was hand you a brochure and walk away? Probably not.

Classified Ads

One of the fundamental marketing tools of a mail order business. It is probably the most economical way to advertise your product or service. Classified ads are excellent tools for drawing inquiries for your product or service. They are generally not used to pull cash orders. A good classified ad is not easy to write. Because it competes with so many other ads on the same page, it has to “jump” off the page and grab the reader’s attention. And it has to do it in the fewest number of words possible. That’s why a good classified ad is hard to write. Only a few copywriters have mastered this art.

Space or Display Advertisements

A display ad pulls better than a classified ad because of its high visibility (bold headlines, borders and graphics). A space ad can run from one inch to one full page in size. One or two inch ads are excellent for obtaining leads. A quarter page to full page ad can be used to generate cash orders. Results are dependent on the circulation and appropriateness of the publications used.

Sales Circulars

A full 8 1/2″ by 11″ printed advertisement with an order form. It can be used as a component of a direct mail package with a covering sales letter or it can be run alone as an advertisement in a magazine or tabloid. It is an excellent and versatile selling document.

Publicity Releases

If you have a product or service that is new or unique (or can be made to appear new or unique), you have a good chance of getting FREE editorial write-ups in newspapers and magazines. Publicity or news releases often pull better than conventional advertising because they appear to be editorial opinion, which people trust more. This method of getting new business has tremendous profit potential and is too often overlooked.

Cover Letter To The Editor

A personal cover letter that accompanies your publicity release will help get it noticed and published. It is the professional way to introduce yourself, your company and the product your are featuring. It gives your business credibility and builds your image as a business professional.

Postcard Advertisement

One of the most cost effective ways to obtain leads. Postcards often outpull lead generating letters because they can’t be thrown away unopened. A letter can (and often is). If you have a powerful and arresting headline, prospects will feel compelled to read your entire ad. Postcard advertisements save money and get results. They are highly useful as a lead generating tool.

Phone Sales Script*

Including a phone number can double or triple the number of responses you get from your lead generating ads. A well written voice mail message can fire up a prospect’s interest and desire for your product or service. A one to two minute message is recommended for getting inquiries for more written information. A three to five minute message is needed when requesting cash orders by phone.
*(NOTE: Written sales script for voice-over is provided — not the actual recorded message)

Magazine Articles

Become a published article writer for newspapers, magazines and Internet Blogs. It’s a great way to make a spare time income or enhance your image and credentials in the marketplace. Tell me the subject matter and I’ll research it and prepare an interesting article for publication.

I already have an extensive working knowledge in the following subjects:

  • Advertising/Copywriting
  • Mail Marketing – selling by mail
  • Psychology – self understanding and personal growth
  • Finding joy and lasting happiness in Marriage – (married 54 years)
  • Diet and physical fitness – staying active and healthy as we age.
  • Child care and rearing

Book Ghostwriting (non-fiction)

If you have a book idea or passion for a particular subject – or already have written a book that needs an editor’s “touch”, I can help. I have experience with these assignments and had a book published. I’ll write or “polish” up your manuscript to capture the interest of potential publishers.