Sales Letter 3

How You Can Become a Debt-Free Millionaire with a Guaranteed Lifetime Income of $10,000 a Month

Dear friend,

Read that headline again! It is a true, realistic and achievable claim. I don’t care if you are flat broke or in debt. In as little as one evening, you can learn time tested, proven methods that will allow you to become a millionaire with a guaranteed income of $10,000 a month – $120,000 a year – for the rest of your life!

First let me assure you, this offer is not about starting a multi-level business. Nor does it have anything to do with chain letters, pyramid schemes or any other get rich offers. This is a legitimate, realistic and achievable plan based on common sense financial strategies that have already made thousands of ordinary people millionaires.

Rich or Poor – The Difference is Not How Much You Make – It’s How You Use What You Make

You can achieve total financial freedom by making some simple and painless changes in how you manage your income. You can become a millionaire in the same amount of time it would take you to pay off the mortgage in your home. Yes, in just one evening, you can set up a plan that will allow you to gain complete control of your finances, get out of debt and on the road to lifetime financial prosperity. And you can do it with just your current paycheck!

This is not about a course on how to set up a household budget. Household budgets rarely work. Most people only stick to them for a few weeks. Like dieting, they are doomed to failure because they leave you feeling deprived. Often they have the reverse effect of the results they are supposed to achieve.

And it is not about working more hours or taking a second job. I’ll repeat with emphasis, this is about you becoming a millionaire and having an effortless guaranteed income of $10,000 a month for the rest of your life!

Get More Money Out of Your Paycheck Starting With Your Very Next Payday

It doesn’t matter what your income is – whether it’s $10,000 or $100,000 a year – you can learn to make the very most of your earnings starting right now! You’ll call it a “miracle” when you see all your credit cards paid off to a zero balance and your bank account quickly growing by leaps and bounds. Yes, you can enjoy a secure, happy and abundant financial future without money worries. Managing what you earn is the “key”.

Now you may be thinking, “How can I better manage money that is already committed? Every cent is going to pay bills”. Believe me when I say, it’s not what you do with the money you have, it’s how you use it that matters. I don’t care if you are in debt up to your ears, you can live a life without bills with financial strategies you can learn in one evening.

Your Paycheck Management Plan

You start by filling out a simple, written financial plan for what you want to do with your paycheck. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Instructions and forms will be supplied to you. It is very important to put your plan in writing. Once you put your plan on paper, powerful forces take over that helps it become a reality. When you set up your plan (remember, this is not a budget), it works automatically to get you completely out of debt – including your home mortgage – in just a few short years.

It will require some adjustments in how you manage your money. But you will find them fun and easy. And once you see the amazing results, you will stick to the plan with the excitement, enthusiasm and joy of a child with a new toy.

Just think what it would be like to have:
• No car payment
• No credit card payments
• No department store payments
• No mortgage payments
• No payments of any kind

All this can be yours.

Here Are Some of The Powerful Secrets You Will Learn in Just One Evening

• How to get 100% out of debt and stay out of debt forever
• How to turn one dollar into one million dollars
• How to become a millionaire on just your lunch money
• How to get an instant 10% take home pay raise
• How to raise cash fast
• How to turn your hobby into a cash generating business
• How to save from 10% to 90% on everything you buy
• How to get thousands of dollars worth of FREE products – just for the asking
• How to own a luxury car at below dealer’s cost
• How to travel FREE
• How to enjoy FREE cruise line vacations
• How to retire to paradise for as little as $25 to $50 a day
• How to retire in style at age 35
• How to send your child to college FREE
• How to turn $20 into $200 worth of groceries
• Plus much, much more

End Your Money Worries For Good

Most people have no control over their financial destiny. They earn and then spend what they earn without regard to their financial future. They are not totally to blame. Getting the most from the dollars you earn is not something taught in schools or universities. Your paycheck doesn’t come with a set of instructions.

But you can become one of a tiny percentage of people who are taking steps to guarantee their financial freedom. Everything you need to know and do is contained in a landmark book entitled “How To Get More Out Of Your Paycheck”. This book gives you access to inside information known only by the world’s leading financial experts.

Perhaps for the first time in your life, you will be able to forget your money worries and give full attention to getting more living out of your life… knowing your savings are growing automatically and safely with no effort on your part except to check on your progress at the end of the year.

Every claim in this letter concerning this book is the absolute truth. It is backed with real life case examples. It unlocks the secrets of leveraging your money… it reveals where today’s smart money is being invested… it tells you how to turn your free time into profits… how to use the magic of compound interest to build a fortune and how to protect your investments. In short, it contains the most powerful information and advice ever written about achieving financial independence without risk or sacrifice.

All this and more is contained in 110 information packed pages. “How to Get More Out of Your Paycheck” is a book that will guarantee your financial future. Right now, you can turn your hopeless, downward spiral into deepening debt into a hopeful, upward spiral into increasing financial freedom and peace of mind.

Save $20 and Get a Bonus “Mystery” Gift Worth At Least $10.00

This invaluable book has been sold nationally at seminars for $49.95. The people who purchased it wouldn’t part with it for 100 times that amount. However, through this offer – and if you order within the next 10 days – you can own it at the special discount price of only $29.95 plus $3 for shipping and handling.

And if we receive your order within 10 days, we will also include a “mystery” bonus gift you’ll be proud to own. It has a value of at least $10.00!

Answer this question truthfully: Would this book be worth $29.95 to you if all the claims in this letter proved to be true? I think the answer is obvious but just in case you have reservations about the truthfulness of our claims, we offer you this IRONCLAD GUARANTEE: Order the book, if after reading it and applying the easy to follow principles and instructions, you find the concepts unworkable for you, or you feel you’ve been mislead in any way, return it anytime within one year for a full and prompt refund of your money.

This is your chance – maybe your final chance – to achieve the financial freedom you’ve always dreamed about. Don’t lose out! Complete the enclosed order form and mail it with your payment within the next 10 days. We will RUSH your copy of the book along with your mystery gift within 24 hours.

P.S. Only once or twice in a lifetime, a book comes out that is so valuable, so incredibly effective and so important, it has the power to change people’s lives. This is one of those rare books. Don’t waste this opportunity. Make today the turning point in your life.